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Delio lounge turns dreams into reality

Providing comfort to visitors, Delio lounge is
a complex business space that offers a range of
educational and professional counseling services
to help you understand digital assets.

Customer Service

Consultation service for savings
and lending products.

It is an innovative customer service that makes it easy to access a variety of services
such as savings, lending, and more with Delio. Make an appointment in advance
for a 1:1 consultation with an expert.

ㆍCustomer consultation is 100% pre-booked and should be booked at least 3 days prior to your visit..

ㆍWhen requesting an appointment for a consultation, please fill in the required fields.
(Name, contact information, Delio account ID, reason for consultation including product name, date and preferred time of consultation, number of visiting customers)

Request a consultation appointment

Educational Programs

Exclusive educational conferences
to drive the future of digital assets

Digital assets emerging as a new way of investment.
Delio continues to host a variety of training and conferences, making it easy
for everyone to understand and experience digital assets.

Program Schedules

Program Inquiry

Rental Info

How to rent Delio lounge

Delio lounge is open to all.
If you want to use the lounge, apply for rent today.

Delio lounge is
a paid service.

When applying for rent
please fill in the required fields.
(Name, contact information,
desired date and time for rent,
reason for rent, number of visitors)

Admission applications can be
made by appointment in
advance via email at least
2 weeks prior to the event.
After booking, the Delio staff
will guide you on how to
use the space.


Members-Only Services

A special lounge for Delio member

If you need a place to hold an event, sign up for a Delio membership and use the Delio lounge.
The lounge provides free Wi-Fi for wireless connections.

verification is
required on your visit.

If the number of
visitors exceeds the capacity,
the entry might be restricted.


1st Floor, V&S Building, Samseong-ro 85gil 26,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea